Luzhba Skitouring Lodge, February 2018.

posted in: Siberia

For past few years we've been working on extension of our skitouring operations for the rest of the winter. This February our guides spent a week in Luzhba and its surroundings, exploring new areas and also checking the conditions in our main skitouring zone. The result of this exploration - now we offer skitouring trips in Luzhba also in February and early March! When January's cold time is over, days getting longer and snow conditions are still perfect, it is also a time to skitour in Siberia.

So, if you are keen to do long days skitours, and looking for powderskiing, visiting Luzhba Skitouring Lodge in February is worth to do. Especially cause there are nobody around, we are only one company offer powder trips in Luzhba this time of year. The trip dates are already on our website, come over and play!

And yes, take a look on February's pictures from Luzhba, just to get an idea how it looks in the mid-winter.