Siberian powder, deep as ever.

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The Siberian powderskiing season was pretty good. 11 weeks of skitouring and heliskiing passed as one day and we already miss Siberian mountains. But we are going to be back next winter, for sure. We already published dates and prices for 2020-2021 winter season, and some weeks are already booked. Don't wait, contact us today and get you place at Siberian ski adventure.

Lake Baikal Heliskiing

In November and December we have spent 4 weeks heliskiing in Lake Baikal mountains. With early start already in November we offered one of the earliest heliski operations in the world. Snow conditions were simply perfect, with lots of sunny days and classic Siberian cold smoke powder. Off course we had some down days, just 1-2 days per week to fill up tracks from previous days. There are quite a few options what to do during storms. We tried them out - skitouring in nearest valleys, visiting museum of lake Baikal, dog sledging and Buuz master-class (making local type of meat dumplings).

Couple dozen pictures should tell more than thousands words, so take a look, get excited and come the next winter. We still have some places available, contact our office for details.

Lake Baikal Skitouring

In parallel with heliskiing we run skitouring programs in the mountains of Lake Baikal area. We are based in Mamay valley, most popular skitouring spot there which provides best terrain and snow conditions. Early season skitouring and splitboarding with guaranteed (!) powder and breathtaking views on Lake Baikal. Just add cosy and comfortable lodge, gourmet meals from our chef and best guiding team and get a receipt of you perfect week in Siberian wilderness.

Luzhba Skitouring Lodge

Our oldest Siberian destination, Luzhba also delivered tons of powderskiing this winter. With start in mid-November we run programs until early January, then made a 3-weeks break for the cold period and were back to lodge in February. Last group left the lodge a week ago but few our guides are still there exploring new places and possibilities. Slowly but surely we are building an all-winter destination but not only early-season powder skiing spot. Next winter we start in November (as usual) and continue to ski there until mid-March, with a short break again  in January. Here is the set of photos from the first part of the winter.

Luzhba Skitouring Lodge in February

And here is dozen of pictures from February. As you see, still classic Siberian powder, but longer days (means - more skiing!) and quite a lot of sun. February and March are becoming a second popular period for Siberian skiing (after November and December) and attract more and more people. And below you can see why.

More information, dates and prices can be found on Skiing in Siberia website -

Please, don't hesitate to contact us and ask any questions.