Siberian skitouring, perfect as always.

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There is nothing really to say about the past (2018-2019) Siberian season. It was "as usual", which means deep powder skiing, great Siberian scenery, amazing local food and cosy evenings in Luzhba Skitouring Lodge. We've spent in Luzhba 5 weeks at the beginning of the season and also came back in mid-February. Here are few words (and hundred pictures) about early season and in another post we will tell a bit about Siberian skiing in February.

First portion of pictures are about first 3 weeks. We've got lot of great people all over the world - Australia, UK, France, Italy, Germany and few others. All of them got true Siberian experience, just check their testimonials! Few dozens pictures tell you even more:

On the fourth week we had a two private groups from Germany, and also did some exploration of the nearby areas. 6 days of perfect weather, evening socializing during Pelmeni Master-Class, so as we told - "usual" Siberian experience.

Fifth week was special. We've got all kinds of Siberian weather - clear sunny days, stormy powderdays and even true Siberian experience - few days of minus 30 degrees in the morning. Some traditional Siberian amusement (like a pouring hot water in to the air and making freezing soap bubbles) helps to spend mornings, but during the days it was way warmer, especially on the sun. And evening's Banya, first-class Siberian samogon (moonshine) helps us to warm up.

Great week and great people, nothing to add. We stop our programs end of December, but were back in mid-February. This is another story, and we will tell it to you soon.